Next generation of media - 360° VR video

The technology of videocameras reached has developed so much, that now you are able to record high quality 360° videos with the resolution up to 11k. But why do we need 360° video in such a great resolution and why do the companies need it? 

In this article we will focus on every important factor, why you should be interested 360° 

We will discuss the virtual reality. Companies all around the world invest billions of dollars into this technology. VR is being compared to boom of the first computers or mobile phones. 

If you want to stay on top, you need to be open to the new technologies. Companies, which refuse new technologies, are being replaced sooner or later by more technologically developed competitors. 

The history of virtual reality perception

Let’s have a quick glance into the past. The concept of virtual reality was introduced and implemented for the first time in 1957 by Morton Heilig and was called Sensorama. Heilig came up with 3D camera and special project, that was able to do the simulation of 35 video and sound projection. In addition he tried to simulate vibrations, smells or wind, in order for the viewer to feel more like the part of the video. 

All of this happened 62 years ago. Since then appeared virtual reality headsets, that are light, wire-less, have high resolution and low response.

Thanks to the fast progress of technology, we also have 360° cameras at disposal, that are able to record videos up to 11K resolution with 3D effect. That all comes with robust internet, software and hardware infrastructure.

Virtual reality has been here with us for a long time. People have always been attracted to the virtual world. But currently we have reached the point, where we are able to use this technology in everyday life – as an entertainment, at work or during relax time

Chapter 1

New dimensions of experience

Chapter 2

Let people live your story

Chapter 3

New possibilities of creativity thanks to VR

Chapter 4

Infrastructure is ready

Chapter 5

Monetizing 360°/VR videos

Chapter 6

Training course, experience or e-commerce

Chapter 7

Holds forever, if you wish

1. Chapter

New dimensions of experience

Every company and entrepreneur knows, that it is essential to talk to their customers and beware of the feedback. 

To the Google list My company there are many possibilities, how to add contect, for example:

Web page

Web page is a “virtual shop window”

Social networks

Communication via Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Linkedin


The creation of ads presenting your products or services


Points of sale and showroom shops

Printed documents

Advertisement via posters, billboards or flyers 


Payed content included in popular radio stations

If you run a company, you probably have a person, who is responsible for webpage content, somebody, who takes care of social networks, marketing and HR. These tools of communication are vital parts of every business.

What if you could offer the customers something new? 

360°/VR video is a perfect way, how to present your business like never before. Show something unique, not common – your story, your quality or remarkable rooms

Virtual reality can provide the users a new type of experience. It is possible to create graphic interference or produce the content for VR via 360° camera.  Advantage is, that 360° videos for VR are much cheaper then graphic development. 

2. Chapter

Let people live your story

Possibilities, that every company will start using sooner or later

For example: the Oreo company has decided to create a 360° video, in order to introduce their „the Chocolate Factory“ in the Willy Wonka style. This funny 360° video explaines, how Oreo product are being produced. 

„Wonder Vault“ is a typical factory created by Oreo, which goal is to provide information to all watchers of all ages via the summary of their products. Video has after more than 3 years over 3,5 millions views and over 3600 likes. 

The content of 360° videos can people view on their PCs, phones and tablets. The main usage of 360° videos is, that we can play them in virtual reality headset. Now, we may have a questions – how many people actually have VR glass at home, so they are able to play your video?

A lot. Nowadays there are a lot of people, who have VR glass at their homes. It is expected, that in 2022 there are going to be around 55 millions of households worldwide, that are going to own VR glasses. It is expected an exponential increase,  hand in hand with the quality. 

Optimistic idea is, that VR glass will follow the same process as mobile phones, that are essential parts of our lives. Expected income from VR sector is around 21.8. billions $ in the following year!

3. Chapter

New possibilities of creativity thanks to VR

Video in virtual reality presents a brand new sector of video-production, that is not explored well and that would be defined by the established standards. It is mainly due to the fact, that with 360° video there are brand new methods of gaining experience when watching 360° video in VR.

360° video and VR can transport viewers anywhere you want.

If you run a restaurant, you can take the customers to the tour into the kitchen and wake their appetite. If you own a music club, you can evoke the feeling of fun. There are endless possibilities, it only depends on emotion, that you are trying to evoke.

4. Chapter

Infrastructure is ready

As mentioned before, the virtual reality can be part of our everyday lives, like the mobile phone. The virtual world is constantly developing and enables us do almost everything – travelling, education, simulation of crisis situations or economically demanding situations.

Využitelnost internetu a mobilních telefonů exponenciálně roste.

Two of the biggest internet platforms – Facebook and YouTube are already on board of 360°/VR videos. Still today you can publish 360° video on FB or YT in 8K resolution! The biggest companies in the world, like Google, Facebook, Youtube, Samsung, HTC invest billions of dollars into the hardware and software development, in order to prepare for the new requirements. There are many possibilities how to use VR even today.

Both software and hardware are on a very good level now. There are all accessible tools at our disposal, that can take you to the world of virtual reality and you can present your concept, shop or product to the public.

5. Chapter

Monetizing 360° / VR videos

Are you a company or entrepreneur and do you consider the 360° video? Are you afraid, that only very few people own VR glasses and don`t you understand, why to pay for such a video?

The best way, how to use finished 360°/VR video is to have own VR glasses. Afterwards you can monetize the videos for the public, that visits your place. It is easy to convince the customer to pay for the video.

It only requires that we record a 360°/VR video together with an interesting content. It can be a history of your place, shots from places that the public can’t visit or product video, in which the customer can try the product out. 

6. Chapter

Training course, experience or e-commerce

If you decide to create video in virtual reality, we recommend choosing one of the 3 ways. All 360°/VR videos are connected with those 3 ways. The “Holy grail” is to connect these 3 ways into one 360°/VR video.

  • Training course/training – virtual reality can support the training courses and company education programs, where we can simulate all situations we want. We can prepare the simulations of crisis situations, classic course  converted into VR and all types of training. All these concepts, compared to other classical methods, can be described via scale, are far more effective and cheaper.
  • Experience – every activity is better thanks to VR. Parachute jump, car drive, diving with dolphins, trip to the moon or trailer of the production, as Oreo did. 
  • E-commerce – in the future, people will shop via VR, you will wander through the shop, they will put goods into the “cart” and pay afterwards. Of course you will get those good. Similar shoping was done in the virtual world Somnium Space, where electric car Tesla 3 was bought. 

7. Chapter

Holds forever, if you wish

VR is being actively used via army forces, NASA, educational agencies, travel agencies, gaming industry or cities thanks to the unique 360° content. This is the right moment to get more information about VR technology, also as a future possible income, similar to the internet possibilities today. In few months or years, it will be common, that people are going to work in VR. 

For you, as for business and entrepreneurs, it is necessary to prepare for the future. You should not be surprised, that in the future, people will prefer shopping with VR glasses on, instead of going to the shops. If, in the future, the virtual world gets at least 10 % active users of Facebook, then there will be 200 millions of people spending their time in VR world. In this case, you should be active, own an estate there (for personal or business reasons) and earn money there.