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We are obsessed with perfection

We always push every job to new levels of experience. Only in this way, we can deliver quality video production that correlates with the latest world trends in video production.

Our skills

Every day, we study current trends in video production
2D Shooting

Classic 2D shooting using modern technology to the highest standards. Used for most commercials or corporate videos.

360° Video

Spherical 360 ° video, which we can capture in ultra-high-resolution 11K, which captures the smallest detail in the video.

Virtual reality

VR is a new medium of the video industry that offers completely new possibilities. Our agency specializes directly in cinematic VR experience.

Dron shooting

A high-end drone that captures precise footage for your video spot. We can also use the drone for VR.

Video editing

We pick the best shots from the recording and use modern video editing software to edit unique video content with Hollywood effects.

Sound creation and editing

Sound effects or music is a critical factor, how the final video affects the viewer. We can completely edit and create sound and music.

Special effects

In our team, creativity has no limits. We follow the latest trends in video effects so that we can design a unique solution for our clients.

Shooting organization

Precise preparation and subsequent production organization is essential for the smooth running of the entire shoot and successful output for the final video.

Every day, we create amazing stories

Thanks to us, companies can clearly tell their stories to customers

I enjoy constantly pushing the limits of our possibilities. Only in this way, we can deliver truly unique content.

Mgr. Pavel PřecechtělHead of video production

Our goal for each job is to gain a

long-term profit to our client from video investment.

We take our work very seriously. We understand that video is a medium of how a business communicates with customers or business partners. Simply put, thanks to the video, companies tell their stories.

Our job is to process the story of the company or product so that the resulting video will appeal to and engage everyone. Companies that do not underestimate their video presentation thus gain considerable competitive advantage.

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