Google Street View Virtual Tour

If you are thinking about adding brand marketing content, there are several good reasons to consider Google Street View Virtual Tour.

The virtual map of the world is growing faster than ever. Technology that allows you to virtually visit places on Earth now fits in our pockets and is free by Google. The way people search and discover is merged with the technology of virtual reality. Here’s how it can work for your benefit.

According to available statistics, Google Street View Virtual Tour is proven to increase customer interest

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What is Google Street View Virtual Tour?

Google Virtual Tour is a simulation of a real, existing place, usually consisting of a sequence of images from a trusted agency or from Street View agency.

In this case, more 360-degree photos are created and then added to your Google My Business list as a virtual tour. The new virtual tour is now visible together with other location information, so that customers can get a firsthand experience of visiting your place. Moreover, an authentic experience!

All service (photo taking, postproduction, upload to Google) is provided by a verified agency.

Demonstration of Google Street View Virtual Tour

Reason 1

Improved content quality improves interaction

Reason 2

You can show something that is hard to describe

Reason 3

Customers can easily find you

Reason 4

A new way to interact with customers

Reason 5

You can see the number of views of your place

Reason 6

Post the Tour on more places (FB, Web)

Reason 7

Lasts forever – if you want to

Reason 1

Improved content quality improves interaction

A ‘well-optimized listing’ on Google is the one that is full of content which exceeds beyond just the company name and basic information. The higher quality and professional content, the better your ranking and reach on Google is.

You have several ways to add content to your Google My Business list, such as:


Add a link to your website to increase the credibility of your business.


Add new information to your profile. It works just like social networks.


Show the world what your store looks like. Add photos of interior and exterior.

Customer reviews

You can respond to reviews by adding a layer of interaction and transparency.


Upload interesting videos to Google My Business. This will increase your credibility as well.

Virtual Tour

One of the most important factors by which Google assesses the credibility of a business.

The Virtual Tour still has a certain degree of ‘wow factor’ for most people. Any customer viewing your place on Google will really enjoy this experience. In addition, this will let the customer know that you are credible, you are using up-to-date technologies and that you really plan to operate in the market for some time.a

Let’s just pretend for a while that you run a restaurant and you want to make sure your customers will find you on Google.

Surely you would like to have some great photos of your menu, food and the interior of your restaurant there. However, if you decide to take a 360-degree Google Virtual Tour the attractiveness, interaction and time you spend could all be doubled.

People spend their time by virtually walking around your location as opposed to simply clicking through photos. The difference is that the Tour gives them a real view on your place.

If you have a Virtual Tour of your place, Google interprets this as a positive organic interaction with your listing.

Google Virtual Tour increases your ranking on Google.

Just doubling the photo content that you have on Google makes no sense. Only the new type of media content increases the relevance of your business.

The more content you have on Google My Business, the more relevant you are to search.

Reason 2

You can show something that is hard to describe

Your place has beautiful furnishing, great atmosphere and amazing people who work there. How can you describe it immediately without saying a single word? The best technological solution is Google Street View Virtual Tour.

Google Virtual Tour lets your customer experience the atmosphere and feeling of your place instantly. A magic that makes their brains feel like they are already there.

Users can visit different parts of your place. Professionally created tours are conducted in such a high-quality format that you can zoom in and view everything you need with photo resolutions starting at 4K (and more).

The best way to show people your place is Google Street View Virtual Tour.

Outdated visualizations confuse the customers

For example, there exist images of businesses that were taken by a Google Maps car before the building was built there. When a customer views it on Google Maps to get there, they only come across a photo showing an empty piece of land.

This is especially the case of STK Šternberk, where you can see an outdated photo from Google Street View with an empty piece of land there but in fact, the STK building has been there for several years.

Exactly these situations are confusing for potential customers looking for your place.

An outdated view of a piece of land on Google Street View.

There is actually an STK building there.

Experience like at the case of the STK building can be very confusing for potential customers trying to find your company. Furthermore, if your business is in a place where there was another company, it is very likely that Google car drove around and photographed at the time when the previous business was established there.

It is also likely that there are photos in Google Maps that you do not want to present yourself with, because you may have already edited them, reconstructed your company, or completely changed your business image.

Reason 3

Customers can easily find you

If you add any 360-degree photo taken outdoors, you can replace the thumbnail of the latest Google Street View image taken by Google Maps car at that address.

Here’s how a thumbnail in Google Maps app looks like (bottom left)

For instance, rural areas are covered by Google Maps car once in 5 years. If you want to do business successfully and make yourself easy-to-find by your customers, you need to update your Google Street View yourself.

If a 360-degree photo is taken close enough to a Street View point, it usually becomes the new thumbnail for a Google Maps Listing. This helps your customer get a relevant view of your business while navigating to your location.

When a Google Street View car takes a 360-degree photo, it must drive at a maximum of 30 kph to capture enough photos of the environment.

Reason 4

A new way to interact with customers

The Internet has become an integral part of our lives. Thanks to smartphones, the overall usability of the Internet has multiplied many times – we can shop online, travel online (by Google Street View), educate ourselves or work.

The world’s largest companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon are investing billions of dollars to develop hardware and new applications that take full advantage of the Internet’s technological capabilities.

The usability of the Internet and smartphones is growing exponentially

Google Street View Virtual Tour lets your customers experience your idea, location and story. Most smartphones today allow you to see 360° photos without the use of special glasses or virtual reality headset.

As a result, any customer with a smartphone can easily walk through your place. This will allow them to interact with your space in a way that was not previously available.

Thanks to smartphones, interaction with the customer has never been easier. It is therefore necessary to be as fully available as possible in the online world.

Google Street View Virtual Tour allows you to be transparent and show your customers that you have nothing to hide.

By using a Virtual Tour, you make a significant step towards building the trust with your end customer, partner or competition. Instead of just telling them who you are, you can show them! This can help you build confidence and it is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Reason 5

You can see the number of views of your place

Another great feature in your Google My Business listing is the ability to track the number of times people clicked and viewed your photos and Virtual Tour.

Google Street View Virtual Tour sounds great, but you will realize everything after you see the number of times your business has been viewed the first month.

When you apply to create a business place on Google My Business, you will gain access to the main Google My Business panel. Here you can manage your listing and see how many times your photos have been viewed. You will also see other statistics, such as number of views, site clicks, calls or clicking on your location.

These are great indicators of how many people are following you and visiting you through Google services.

Reason 6

Your Virtual Tour can be used in multiple locations

A Virtual Tour of your company can be posted and shared in other locations outside the Google platform. You can easily add it to your website as well as share it on Facebook, which supports 360° photos.



Google Search & Google Maps

Some companies like to use different parts of the Tour on different pages. As we all know, social media are a great way to stay in touch with people interested in products and services.

Google Street View Virtual Tour dramatically increases your searchability for potential customers.

At first, use 360° content to get them to the store virtually and then to get them there physically afterwards. If you have a list of your customers’ emails, you can get in touch with them again by sending them a link to a new Google Street View Virtual Tour.

Reason 7

Lasts forever – if you want to

Google will always host your photos and your Virtual Tour until you delete it! The cost of Virtual Tour and production are relatively cheap and after processing it and publishing it on Google – it lives there forever.

The more relevant your Google My Business Profile is, the more likely you are to get better positions in a search engine.

These are just a few ways to optimize your Google My Business listing to get to a higher position on Google.
These services may be important to attract attention to your business online and they are highly recommended by Google itself.

The tour will be saved in Google Street View forever until someone updates it.

This service is provided by companies and they must be a Google trusted partner in order to have access to publishing your Google Virtual Tour.

According to the fact that 65 % of all Internet searches are done on Google, creating an optimized Google My Business listing, together with complete Google Virtual Tour should be each business owner’s top priority.

These 7 reasons why your company needs a Google Virtual Tour should give you an outline of the benefits and opportunities of using a Virtual Tour in your business.